Monday, June 05, 2006

My Dad, The Spy- part 1a

Still following breadcrumbs on the story about Dad.
Did come across this intriguing blurb from some egg-heady site that has some connection to Harvard, (I think.):

"Maochun Yu's 1997 work, The O.S.S. in China, introduced to the academic world the records of America's wartime intelligence agency held at the National Archives and Records Administration ( The records of field offices can be very useful for researchers interested in areas around OSS stations, particularly Kunming and Chongqing during the war, and Nanjing, Taibei, and Shanghai immediately following Japan's surrender. These files include maps and photographs. Other records include materials from the Research and Analysis Branch, the Secret Intelligence Branch, and the Special Operations Branch. Since publication of Yu's work, almost all of the OSS files have been declassified and made available to the public. Perhaps the most important files still classified are the monthly reports of the controversial Sino-American Cooperation Organization (SACO)."


Both places mentioned in the above paragraph-Kunming and Chongqing- are places also mentioned in Dad's military record as places he reported to, allowing for the updated pinyin spelling that is used nowadays. What records I have been able to unearth so far are incomplete and only cover less than 2 years. The National Archives site is very difficult to get around in. I get the feeling that one needs to be a true research wonk to be able to navigate through it all.

Stocking up on Visine.
I have a feeling this is gonna be a lot of dead ends.


Blogger 2ndSACO said...

Don't give up on your research.

Most of the men flew into Kunming and then went to Chongching (SACO headquarters). At Chongching, there was a bar in the middle of the river that the planes landed on. The men then had to climb many stairs up to the top of the mountain so they could head towards "Happy Valley". Happy Valley is located about 11 'li' north of Chongching.

It sounds like your father may have been stationed at Happy Valley-Chongching (like my own father who was chief radioman there.) The men stayed in China for only two year stints.

When searching NARA be sure to utilize some of the names that you've already discovered in "The OSS in China". Especially Milton E. Miles. Also look under US Naval Group China.

Or come to one of the next reunions and learn first hand from the surviving men. I'm sure that they knew your father.

Good luck in your pursuit. Never give up on this history. It's important.

12/11/2006 1:40 AM  
Blogger white trash republican said...

Happy Valley rings a bell with me, can't say why, but it does for some reason.
I would love to attend a reunion, but I'm rarely in a position financially to travel, sadly.
I appreciate you commenting here!
I've gotten quite a few comments on these SACO posts, but some of the people have email addresses that aren't valid or none at all.

12/11/2006 10:24 AM  
Blogger randy said...

Gratified to see others interested in our WWII operations in China.

I am publishing pages on my father's experiences in 1945 China with SACO. I will be compiling backgrounds, stories and history and will include anything offered.

Check out pages and photos at, and please share any information you have at

1/18/2007 1:20 PM  

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