Thursday, August 31, 2006

Snakes in a Mini-Mart!

Reasons 457 and 458 why I opted not to move to Arkansas-
Poor copy writing skills of the local media and dumbass crap like this.

Bandits Use Snakes in Robbery

FORREST CITY, AR - This isn't the first time Leake's Kwik Shop in Forrest City, Arkansas has ever been robbed. But it was the first time robbers used baby pythons to rob the store clerks.

"We screamed and ran. I threw the stool we were sitting on and ran to the back. And she yelled if you don't get those snakes out of here, she'll call the police," says Bethany Hatcher came face to face with the pythons.

Hatcher says when she and another clerk ran to the back of the store the four robbers grabbed her car keys from behind the counter. A car she's only had for a day.

"At nine o'clock I saw my car in reverse. Squal tires and I was on the phone with the police immediately," says Hatcher.

Forrest City Police say the car was later spotted south of the city in Lee County, Arkansas.

Sheriff's deputies there spotted the car. A high speed chase led the suspects back to Forrest City into this public housing complex where they crashed the car.

The four suspects were found next door to Betty Brunt. "When the boys come in there they all went in there went under a bed and whatever, in the bathroom and stuff."

Police rounded up four suspects which includes a 15 year old. One of them, 26-year-old Kendrick Coleman has already spent time behind bars for robbing the very same Kwik Shop in Forrest City.

"Some of them I watched grew up and that's what hurts you. I've worked there for 12 years. Twelve years, you don't think someone will do you like that," says Hatcher.

'Squal tires'?.


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