Sunday, September 17, 2006

Hillbillies on th' Innernets

Well, let's check the local Freecycle page and see what's the latest offerings.

Say, this looks like it could be a good deal...if ya ain't too picky:

"I have to offer a new small birdcage with used stand that it hangs from, Stuffed animals (they were left out in the rain but washable, some still sing, ALOT (10) of monkeys), Office chairs, orange, one on wheels and one without. They do match, though. These were also left out in the rain when we found them. I have more stuff I am going through, but this is a start. Thanks.
These items were only left outside for about two weeks."

That's good to know. I hate it when singing stuffed monkeys have been left out in the weather for a month or longer-they just ain't worth a tinker's damn by then.

And then here's a notice by someone with the local ALP. The phrase "spellcheck is your friend" comes to mind:

"do you have wallnut tres in youre yard?if so and you dont want youre wallnuts we will pick theam up.the american legion post 623 is looking for wallnuts and we will pick theam up free "

Must have been posted by someone just past the stateline.

UPDATE: I reckon the "wallnut" picker-uppers must have had quite a response. They just posted this to their notice:

"were only looking in stclair,polk,henry,camtencounty,lakeozarks
area,hicry,county,crosstimbers area,bolivar area,tunas
area,fairplay,areas. thank you for all offers as we live in

Ok, so now we know that they live in the area. Dang, and I was hoping I could write this off as ig'nert illiterate Arkies!
Note: At least 3 of the counties and areas mentioned are misspelled. Oy Vey!


Blogger UNCLE MAC said...

LMAO, i wus goin ta joyne th' 'Mericun lejun, but i reckon i shuld go back to th' VFW sinse its eazur ta spel...i am a Vetrun u nowe...

lol, cheers Liz

9/18/2006 9:06 PM  
Blogger white trash republican said...

The 'Murican Leegion has some mighty fine nachos during their Happy Hour, I'm told.
The VFW's around here are major league biker bars...always a plus as far as I'm concerned.
: )

9/18/2006 10:08 PM  

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