Thursday, September 21, 2006

"Official Song Writer of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy"?

Well, that's what it says on his website.

Jeff Parnell is a local fellow who ran in the 4th Congressional District primary here in Missouri, currently ruled by Dem. Ike Skelton (and yes, he is kin to the "Red" Skelton-there's a strong family resemblance). I'll admit to being just plain stupid here on this- I don't know if he got on the ballot or not and I couldn't find any clues on his site, other than his stand on the issues and that he ran. Hey, sorry...ain't my district, so I don't pay too much attention.

The 4th District cozies up to ours, kitty-corner, so I have heard of this guy. But it's mostly from his business and seeing campaign yard signs in the past as I cruise through Greene county on those oh so rare occasions.
He has wrote quite a few political songs that can be downloaded at his site but the current one that's he's getting attention for is one about the Fair Tax. Guess Neal Boortz digs him and had a hand in giving this song some exposure.
I never heard of it until I read this article in the big city Sunday paper about him. In the sidebar is the lyrics to the song.

Anyway, I thought it was neat that a homey was getting some nationwide exposure. I downloaded the song. Pleasant. Think 'Kingston Trio'. The cat's got a nice folksy singing voice and picks a decent guitar.
His other song titles sound intriguing, but I just don't have the time to download any others right now. (curse of the phoneline) But I probably will once this weekend is over.


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