Wednesday, September 12, 2007

More "Hsus" Than Imelda!

Holy Cow, this just keeps getting better and better! Leave it to the Wall Street Journal to try and untangle this convoluted financial weaselry of Norman Hsu, (international bagman of mystery), and the Iron Maiden.
The stance widens.

Even our own local Dem, Claire McCaskell, has been sullied by this. (HA!)

Giving money back is becoming the new rehab for Dems, it would appear. Whoda thunk?
My question is: What about the matching funds, eh?
I reckon the 'most ethical congress, ever!' can't be bothered with niggling details like that. Too busy 'draining the swamp' and all that, y'know.
At least I did hear a few MSM crickets chirpping last night about this curious web that Hilly has wove...FINALLY!

Hattippo: Hot Air

And now for a way better "Hillraiser" graphic than my recent feeble attempt:


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