Tuesday, November 06, 2007


The dims have taken the definition of victory and spun the bejeezuz out of it down to their own multihued depths of depravity on a regular basis, but no one could have been prepared for this latest outrageous statement!

We're running out of people to kill in Iraq!!!

Oh the horror! At this rate, if it's true, our boys and gals over there will have no choice but to start mangling puppies and executing sweet lil' kittens with possible ties to AlQada to satisfy their rampant bloodlust!!! Oh wait, according to the dims and their familiars, they already are. Dammit!

Remind me again...WHO does David Obey (a most unfortunate surname if there ever was) work for?

HT:The Lovely Michelle

The next item is found over at WND, (which, personally, I sometimes find their intel suspect, but here goes...) Traffic lights are offensive in Fort Collins, CO. and should be banned.
Yeah...that's what I thought, too. But I swear this ain't from Scrappleface!!!
Maybe if some brave soul would point out that green is for islam, red is for communism, and yellow represents the dems hopes for our mission in Iraq then they'd reconsider.
It wouldn't surprize me if this proves to be a hoax or a clever, yet outrageous way for some conservative group to make a point. (that would be employing the Limbaugh axiom of illustrating absurdity by being absurd.)
We are all well into that handbasket, but surely not this far down the path to hell.

And now for some comic relief to bring down the blood pressure:
A scratch-off lottery game has been discontinued over in Manchester, England because it was too confusing!!! Having to deal with the concept of negative numbers was too much for the natives. (must be that damn metric system!)

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