Monday, October 29, 2007

Vowels in the Bowels?

We came home Sunday afternoon from a concert of the Evangel College orchestra (which was excellent, by the way) to find that one of my more neurotic german shepherds, Miz Hannah, had somehow found the Scrabble game, dragged it out, got the lid off the box and had decided that the old cloth bag holding all the letter tiles just had to be a bag of candy.

Wooden letter tiles were strewn about all over the house. The majority of them were in my eldest's room. Some were in the hallway, little piles were in the front room, several scattered in front of the fireplace next to the bag which had a small hole neatly chewed in the bottom seam. With the exception of a "G" which was chewed up, the rest appeared ok. It was kinda comical, finding these letters all over the place. Were we discovering strays clear into the evening. And no, there weren't any cryptic messages spelled out. She may be neurotic and schizo, but not that bad.

Does anyone know off hand just how many letter tiles are in a game of Scrabble?
I'm just wondering if I have to carry a pokin' stick with me whenever I let the dogs out for their constitutionals today.


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