Monday, October 22, 2007

Kid Rock , white trash American in the news

Kid Rock Arrested

Musician Kid Rock was arrested Sunday after a fight in a restaurant in Atlanta, police said. DeKalb County police said they arrested Rock, 36, and five members of his entourage at 5:15 a.m. after an argument with a man who entered the Waffle House escalated into a fight.

Rock, who had given a concert in Atlanta earlier in the evening, left the scene on his tour bus after the fight, police said. He was stopped and arrested about a mile down the road and later released on bond.

The Waffle House????!!!! Great googly moogly! Boy howdy, one can't get any more white trash than that!
Yep, don't matter how rich or famous you become...sooner or later your white trash genes will slip out and take hold.
Of course, from what I know of this jerk, he never really ever tried to hide it.


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