Saturday, November 10, 2007

Lil' Rowan's Final Moments

From the KY3 News website:

The same type of cord used to tie-up the goats near Chris Collings camper, allegedly ended Rowan's Ford's life.
"One of them stated because she looked up at him," Sheriff Mick Epperly of Barry County said.
Chris Collings and David Spears allegedly brought her to Collings camper. The sheriff said inside the rundown, dirty camper, the two men raped the 9-year-old.

She reportedly pleaded with them to stop. Investigators believe the two men pulled her out of the camper after they raped her, pulled a cord out of a truck and then strangled her.
"I could not tell you what went through this man's mind at that time," Epperly said, "you know, drinking and drugs and what could go through anybody's mind to sexually abuse a 9-year-old innocent girl. That's just unhuman."

Hearing about Rowan's last moments, Chris Collings's brother gets sick to his stomach.
"I'm just kind of wondering if he ain't covering up for somebody," Greg Horton said.

This is the toned down, evening dinnertime news version. KY3 has also published the Probable Cause statement. It's a faxed copy and a pdf and difficult to read, not only visually but emotionally,too. The terror and horror that poor lil' kid the hands of that big fat white trash slob of a couch turd that her mommy made her call daddy for 3 years. He was just biding his time...waiting for her to get big enough to bust, but not old enough to bleed.
Sick, ugly worthless pieces of shit.
I cannot forgive...sorry. I'll leave that one up to God.


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