Friday, March 14, 2008

"Skittlegate" Matter Resolved

By now you may have read about the 8th grade honor student who was busted for the heinous crime of buying a bag of Skittles from a classmate. (We all know that Skittles are the gateway to harder stuff like Milky Ways and Big Hunks and eventually, tragically, Cherry Mashes. Seeing some poor misguided, toothless soul in the throes of a Cherry Mash withdrawal isn't pretty.)

After national exposure (and perhaps dad sliding his attorney's biz card across the desk of the school superintendent) the school has backed down and reversed their insanely harsh punishment.

Some argue that the school was within its' rights and that backing down now under pressure just shows the kid that rules can be bent for "special people".


That's not what's it about. It's about stupid people making up stupid rules wanting to control every aspect of our lives...for our own good. This is the most insidious form of tyranny. The smiley happy face of Fascism, to use the popular vernacular. And what better place to do it than in the schools? It won't work with us adults so much because we are of legal age and have some clue as to our rights, so let's mess with the younguns heads, shall we? They are much more malleable.
It's no surprize that this happened in some snot-nose east coast "magnet school". But crap like this happens in even in smaller more conservative school districts, too...or at least they try to. Most times they get shot down by the parents who take an active role in the schools...and actually go to the Board meetings.

A quote from Ms. Turner, the school principal, in the recent article caught my eye and I do think it's important: "Turner said she should have reinforced in writing the verbal warnings against candy transactions."

Verbal warnings.

So, just how was these verbal warnings transmitted? Over the P.A. every morning just before the Pledge?- that is if they even still do that there. Was it mentioned in an assembly to the entire student body? Or was it spoken to individual students in passing...maybe to those who looked like they might be burgeoning candy pushers or potential "at risks" for straying down the sugar-laced path to "un-Wellness"?
Sorry, Ms. Eleanor Turner, but that's a LAME excuse and I ain't going for it.
Maybe y'all just made it verbal because if any of the parents read that in the student handbook, they'd have a ragin' cow about it and y'all didn't want to fool with the hassle. It's much easier to make crap up on the fly as it suits your agenda.
Yeah...that tactic really worked out well for you. As a principal, you oughta know by now that most kids blow off any verbal warnings-whether it be by a parent or school authority. I'm sure they heard it- it just didn't sink in or they just didn't believe y'all were friggin' serious. So, by just saying it to the students, rather than sending home a sheet outlining the new policy -FOR THE PARENTS TO READ- you set this whole thing in motion knowing full well you would bust some kid. You set them up, you evil wanks!

I'm not saying that our kids should have the right to be jacked up out of their gourds on candy in the classroom. But honestly- a bag of Skittles? He didn't steal it, it was a friendly transaction between classmates, and the classmate realized some financial gain from it. The unknown classmate got maybe 50 cents for an unwanted bag of candy in his lunchpail. Was he aware of this verbal rule about candy in the school? Is he really the bad guy here, bringing contraband into the classroom and enticing others to break the law for his own selfish needs?
Holy Christ, I bet y'all really have your hands full the first week after October 31st. How many kids have to do time for a few pieces of Halloween candy in their lunch? Do you insist that the kids turn their pockets out upon entering? Which brings me to another of their retarded rationales here- there's also a ban on students having money on their persons. "For their personal safety".
So...having a few quarters in your pocket makes you a safety risk?! Typical backasswards 'everyone's a potential criminal and/or victim' lefty goodthink.
Get friggin' bent. How the hell do they handle cases where the kids have to bring coin from home to cover certain field trip expenses or pay for yearbook orders? Do the parents have to mail them a check? Unreal.

This whole silly matter evolved from the district wide "Wellness policy". Leftyspeak for "we want to have full control of your kids lives for their own good because as a parent, you're obviously incompetent- we're professional educators, we know what your child needs more than you." They don't allow bake sales, fundraisers that involve the selling of unhealthy products-like candy or cookie dough and I'm sure there's some sort of bullsh*tty rule about "peanut free zones" in the cafeteria in there as well.

Ahhhh, but here's where we've caught them in their own blithering hypocrisy-
If one were to go to the school's website, you'd see this photo, taken just before one of their Parent/Teacher much for no sugary sweets in the school!
And iffin you ax me, those dames aren't exactly the picture of "Wellness". (ok, maybe that last remark was a bit catty-but seriously- doesn't the gal on the suitably far left of the photo look like she can't wait to dive into that box of doughnut holes?) Proving once again that it's Do as I say, not Do as I Do with these folks.
Yummmmmmmmm! Doughnuts and cookies and pie!! Oh My!!! (no Skittles, though, go figure)


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