Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Just What the H*ll Am I ??

A while back I did one of those politics quizzes. Y'know, find out just where you lay in the big scheme of things. I was quite shocked to find that according to them, anyway, I have Libertarian leanings-actually more Libertarian than Republican. I was stunned.

Libertarians, to me, have always been part of that 'Legalize EVERYTHING!' crowd-something that I find extremely distasteful. I'm not comfortable with that agenda-nor would I want to be lumped into that group. Any society has to have limits, rules, laws. In my mind there is no such thing as a 'victimless crime'. All your actions have repercussions. Sadly alot of folks don't take that into account- which is precisely WHY we, as a nation and society, have laws! To protect us from the pinheads!
In my mind, the Libertarian party is just one or two steps removed from anarchy. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe I'm oversimplifying it. But that has always been my impression of them as a whole.
Now, there are some aspects of their line of thought that I agree with-that big government is wrong, that it should stay for the most part out of our personal lives-but my affinity to them pretty much ends there. All the other stuff that goes along with that crowd I cannot in good conscience go along with. Hence, my mental anguish. I feel that when you align yourself to a particular political party, you are giving your stamp of approval to all it stands for, that it embodies your personal feelings and values. It's a blanket 'mission statement' for you as an American. Some of the Libertarian line is just too whack for this stick-in-the-mud hillbilly.
Maybe I'm wrong. But I have visited a lot of Libertarian sites to investigate this further and to ed'jucate myself and I'm still just a dab confused.
Can one be a Conservative Libertarian? That almost is an oxymoron in my way of thinking.

When I started this blog and slapped the title down it was serving 2 purposes : I was poking some fun at some of the old, stalwart newspapers that use 'Republican' in their name and to indicate just where (I thought) I stood politically. Besides-How can you not say "White Trash Republican" out loud and NOT smile or laugh? You gotta admit it is a funny title! And it suited me, I thought.
Besides, "The White Trash Conservative Libertarian with some Blantant Republican Leanings" just doesn't carry the same panache...and makes for a hell of a long and hard to remember URL!


Blogger Kathy said...

I voted for the Liberatian candidate for our State Representative in the election last month because the Democrat was, well, a Democrat and the Republican was a Harvard-educated lawyer who voted for the private well water metering. My vote was a protest vote but I find myself leaning more and more Libertarian as the Republicans get more and more liberal. Never would've thunk I'd see the day I'd be saying that.

12/29/2005 10:53 AM  

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