Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Clean Up

I managed to get some of the debris cleared from the little bridge. I did the best I could by hand, but the bigger logs need a chainsaw...something I don't do. Got alot of dirt,twigs and leaves pitched over the bridge and yanked out some of the smaller logs and shoved them over as well. If it comes a good rain again soon there's enough space there now that hopefully it won't back up into my yard. Just about any debris has been washed out of the little creek anyway, coming to rest right there at the bridge.
That damn restaurant naughahyde bench really fuggered up the deal and was the main culprit. I got it shoved off to the side, but it's too waterlogged to yank completely out of the creek, singlehandedly. That's chain and pick up truck action.

Now that things have settled down I could take a more in depth look at what happened. Judging by the path of debris and waterlines on the back of the house, I'm glad I didn't see it! At one point we must have had a rushing "river" of water about 8 inches deep swarming around the house and extending about 8 feet or so out on 3 sides. That explains why my kitchen mop ended up under my car around a corner and about 100 feet away in the driveway! It had been out on the backdoor stoop and water had flowed over the stoop, which is about 6 inches high. Luckily my car had been parked on the uphill slope of the driveway, so the water just rushed under it at that point and it didn't get swamped. It started up just fine and all the electrical stuff works. I pulled it up further into the backyard on higher ground for now.

The water got within an inch of getting into the backdoor. Whew! The house is all cinderblock and poured concrete foundation, I haven't dared to peek in the crawlspace yet, but I guess I should. I really don't think we got water under there, but some might have seeped in.
My drive is all scoured with ruts now and the pea gravel is sandbarred up at the end of the drive. I ain't in a big hurry to rake it back up just now.

Man, this is the worst I can recall seeing it. We had the 100 Year Flood a few years back and that was bad, but we never had water in the backyard such as we did this time!


Blogger Walker said...

You mean you didn't get a government grant to clean that bridge?

5/12/2006 7:35 AM  
Blogger white trash republican said...

Dang, Walker! Why didn't I think of that!?
Can I get compensation for the 3 broken fingernails I "suffered" from that ordeal,too? ; )

5/12/2006 8:16 AM  

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