Sunday, May 07, 2006

Unfettered Channel Surfing

As promised and on time the satellite guy showed up this morning.
We now have a newer and much smaller dish-on the roof-with a clear and obstructed view of the s.w. sky. He even dismantled and took the old, dorky one away.
And he just happened to have an extra remote to replace the one that had totally crapped out on us a few weeks ago. (all the function buttons except for the VCR one had all gone out at once.) So, I'm one happy camper here now. It's so nice to just blow through the channels without being met with a black screen and an Error box on each channel!

Our situation had gotten so dire that all we were getting was History and CNN. That's it, nothing else.

Last night at the schools annual Lip-Sync contest, my youngest went pale and complained of chills. Oh crap. She began to run a fever and we got her home pronto. We had planned to be in it this year, but due to a prop snafu, we were just part of the audience. Just as well, she was very ill. Tylenol wasn't even making a dent in the fever. She got to hurling late in the night. So we've been tending to her most of the day. Poor thing. It seems to run in waves. Earlier she said she felt fine and no fever, now she slammed back down. Oy!
So Mommy's big night had to be scraped. Right now I was suppose to be in Mt. Home, Ar. with my in-laws, enjoying a blues show featuring Eric Sardinas. Had my ticket bought and everything-been looking forward to it for weeks. I had seen him at the Eureka Springs Blues Fest a few years back and it had been easiest the best damn show there that year. He's a helluva performer. But, sometimes ya gotta have priorities. I'm bummed, but right now I'm more concerned about my little one.


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