Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Field Trip Today

This morning, my eldest's 6th grade class is going to the 'fish farm'. That's what we call the resort that is just down the road a piece from WTR/HQ. Nice place, catering to well heeled city slickers who fancy themselves to be ace fly fisherman and expert quail hunters.
This place makes money hand over fist. And has been the place of my employment on and off over the years.
Anyway, since we live so close, eldest gets to sleep in today and we'll head over there later this morning and meet the bus. She's trying to talk me into staying for the whole deal and I just might. They'll tour the hatchery, have grilled cheese sam'miches at the restaurant and get to do some fishing. I'll bring my camera. Been meaning to put up pics of this place anyhow.

We're back and got a few snaps of the day. They let the kids fish first thing and in no time they all had the stringers full. We had lunch and then they showed us around the hatchery and the runs where the fingerling trout are kept until they are big enough to let loose in the fishing stream. A little more goofing around and sightseeing and then back for another round of fishing. In the meantime, the fish guys were hurrying to get all the catch gutted and ready to take home. Each kid got to have one fish (of course there was no way to be certain it was "their" fish, but it don't matter.) Ours is in the freezer right now. Might fry that sucker up Friday night, just to gross the kids out!

Blogger has got into the gin again and won't let me post any pictures, so I'll have to do another post. Just as well, I'm tired!


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