Friday, April 28, 2006

A Giggly, Squealy Weekend Ahead

I'll be trapped in Pre-teen Hell this weekend. Eldest has a sleep-over on tap. We'll be host to a quartet of goofy 11 and 12 yr. old girls. My youngest has volunteered to stay at a little friend's for the weekend so it won't turn into an them vs. her type thing like these deals sometimes can.

I still have a lot to do today, so I can't be goofing around here. The dining room is back to a halfass semblance of order. But not complete as I had promised my daughter. There has been a major snafu with the flooring and the fancy schmatzy "one coat" paint wasn't, so I have to slap another coat on. Arrrgh. I knew I shoulda got the cheap crap from WallyWorld-I always have good luck with that, no-I opted with paint from True Value hardware. Dangit. There's a tremendous rant brewing about all that; but not here, not now.

It's an early out for the kids at school today, too. So that cuts into my prep-time. They all will be here by 2 pm. There's still snackage to stock-up on and a bathroom to clean, etc. plus, I have to go and fetch one invitee later because she goes to a different school and her folks don't have a car. (long sad story there...let's just say I'm glad my daughter is her very good friend. That poor kid needs some normalcy in her life. She really is a sweet kid...too bad her folks are so screwed up!)
So I gotta get rolling.


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