Monday, April 24, 2006

"24" : Taking the Plunge

Well, boy howdy, the plot thickens.
Tonight we got to see the Puppet Masters behind the plot, namely, the Dreaded Bluetooth Cabal headed that smarmy demonic lout from "E.R." (at least, that's where I know him from, years ago. He was the guy you loved to hate...still do.)
They were getting their drawers in a wad about Pres. Loopner's ol' lady being a loose cannon and chewing the Pres. out about it. Loopner assured them "he'd handle it".
He does in the usual manner, locking her in a room and telling her everything. Oh great. Why Martha just didn't grab one of those hefty law tomes from the shelf she was collapsing against and whack Slinkyboy with it I dunno, might have blown her emotional meltdown scene, I reckon.

Which almost was the favorite tonite...But I'd have to say, just for shear Holy Crap factor, for me anyway, was when Audrey's daddy apologizes to Jack on the phone about not believing him and blah blah blah and then realizing his car is indeed being tailed by Hendersons goon squad in the helicopter and they do indeed have him marked for death-the little red laser spot fleeting past his face kinda clued him in on that- Daddy pulls a full blown Teddy Kennedy and drives his car right off the embankment and takes a really loooooooooooooo-oooooooooong plunge into a lake. Jeez! Lesson learned: Always-ALWAYS believe Jack. To do otherwise will leave you so wracked with guilt you will kill yourself for being such an idiot to doubt him.

OK...Dime to doughnuts, Daddy ain't dead. Probably was a Navy SEAL or something like that. He's got skills...or the luck of a Kennedy. He survived this...I just know it!
How? Beats me, But that's how it is sometimes in that curious parallel universe of Jackville.


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