Sunday, April 23, 2006

WTR's Simple Pleasures

Mine are indeed simple. Nothing profound. Nothing revelational. Just things that make me smile, either inwardly or outwardly and make me glad I'm a human and not a raccoon or possum as I once wanted to grow up to be as a child. These are, by the way, in no particular order.

1) Having your child fall asleep in your arms. Whether they are newborns or near adults, nothing else can convey the total trust,love and security they feel for you than at that moment.

2) Cookie dough.

3) Strawberry shakes. Homemade with fresh strawberries! But I'll accept frozen berries in a pinch.

4) An ice cold beer after a day of yardwork. Not before-not during- but after it is all complete. A just reward for your efforts. That 1st sip is always the most refreshing.

5) Being able to gaze up at the night sky and see the Milky Way spread out right over your house! Being raised in the city, the only stars I can recall seeing was Venus and maybe a couple of the brighter ones in the Big Dipper. Living where I do now affords us the chance to see the night sky as God intended and it never fails to blow me way.

6) Beautiful music. Regardless of style or type. If it means something to you, if it stirs a good memory or takes you away somewhere then it is priceless.

7) The unquestioning loyalty of a good dog. Or 2...or 3...or....

8) The unquestioning loyality, love and trust of another special person in your life. Whether it be spouse, dear friend or child. Not everyone is fortunate to have such relationships. I am blessed.

9) Chickens. They amuse me and make me happy, therefore they qualify as a simple pleasure.

10) Being able to quantify one's simple pleasures, a fully functioning mind is a joy.

Ok, That's it for me. So this means I get to tag others!

Kathy, consider yourself tagged!

Lem...I can't wait to see what you come up with.

Cookie, I bet yours will have food predominate.


Blogger Patrick Joubert Conlon said...

Living in cities for so long I had forgotten how beautiful the Milky Way is. Thanks for being a good sport, Liz.

4/23/2006 3:58 PM  
Blogger Lemuel Calhoon said...

That is a good list. I love chickens too, although I take them one at a time, or at least parts of one at a time.

4/23/2006 5:30 PM  
Blogger Cookie..... said...

Ah...excuse me...but in Number 2...Cookie dough...were you tawkin bout my money....?

4/23/2006 7:40 PM  
Blogger white trash republican said...

Oh Lordy, no, Cookie-cuz I knowed ya ain't got none! : )
I just didn't think I had to expound on that one. Cooky dough is a strange chick obession, I think. Akin to the chocolate thing. I always gotta "quality control test" every batch I make by having a spoon or 2. Or 3 or just say the hell with it and nibble on it the rest of the day!

4/23/2006 9:13 PM  
Blogger Cookie..... said...

Right Agin!! Also...bein the father of three Lassi's and the husband t'one wife (40 years)...y'all don't have t'explain the "chick obsession" thing t'old Cookie....been there...and still doin

4/24/2006 8:25 AM  

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