Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Prepubescent Partisan Politics & 'Trickertreating'

The younguns plundered the town last night.

It was really a last minute decision to even go. The eldest is teetering on the verge of being "too old" and the youngest had yet to think of a costume.
But finally after some rummaging about and some brainstorming (more like a drizzle than a storm) they had both pulled outfits together and were ready.

My eldest actually had the more practical costume. She was a frazzled housewife. 'Jammies, a bathrobe, hair done up in a towel and a liberal application of a facial mask-all she had to do once home was wash her face and she was ready for bed!
The youngest decided to be the "husband" to the housewife, an Elvis wig, a small pillow stuffed into a sweatshirt for that potbelly and an eyebrow penciled mustache and she was good to go. An old pair of sunglasses from the 80's completed the look.
Not their best costumes, but my sewing machine is boogered up, so we had to do with what we had on hand. My kids have never had a "store-boughten" Halloween costume. I've always created them from scratch and materials on hand.

Anyway, we hit the hilly streets of town and I would wander down to a corner while they and gaggles of other townie kids would go door to door. Halloween is still an innocent and fairly safe kids night out in these parts, so I didn't feel the need to hover, escourting them to the front doors. I did when they were little, but they were big kids now and all the rules were set in their noggins. Besides, safety in numbers, right? But I noticed a few times they didn't go to certain houses, whereas the rest of the kids they were with did. They would both skip those houses and eagerly run to the next.

I asked about this on the way home.
"Oh, those were the houses that had McCaskill yard signs, Mom." My eldest said. "We figured they probably had crappy candy."

I didn't ask about what the take was at the homes sporting Talent signs.
I should have, though, in the interest of science and all that.


Blogger Lemuel Calhoon said...

I'm glad that they had a good time. I always loved Halloween and I grieve to see it become so dangerous that kids in so many places can't do it any more.

11/01/2006 8:25 AM  
Blogger white trash republican said...

Yep, Lem, it's a nice time warp here. That's why we love it.
It reminds me so much of when I was a kid, stumbling about in my dime store outfit through the neighborhood on Halloween. I'm glad my kids can still do that here. The fear and paranoia, either real or imagined, that has just about ended 'trickertreatin' as we knew it as kids in the big cities has yet to arrive in our parts...and maybe never will.

11/01/2006 8:56 AM  
Blogger Patrick Joubert Conlon said...

Smart kids.

11/01/2006 2:20 PM  

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