Friday, December 08, 2006

Gettin' Her 'Geek' On

Tomarrow we have to be at the school bright and early so that my youngest can join her team for the ride down to Arkansas for the state Lego League Tournament. This is her first year as a Lego League team member. I admit, I'm pretty clueless about all this except that it is an elite squad-students are nominated by their teachers-and one has to be an exceptional student to get on the team. So I reckon I should be proud that she's seems to be geeky enough to make the cut. Who knew?

All this week they've been meeting afterschool to work on their little robotic gizmos and their presentation. Getting everything fine tuned and working the bugs out. Normally, it's a once a week meeting, but it's crunchtime now. There are a series of 'challenges' that the robotic Legodroids must perform. My youngest's part in all this has been primarily the presentation part, although she has been helping out with figuring out the robotics and coming up with suggestions when the thingies just ain't doing what they are suppose to do. Again, who knew?

I went to the site to check out just what in the world this was all about and was pretty surprized. This years theme is Nanotechnology.
Here's in part what they have to do:
"Project Selection: Explore a current or potential application of nanotechnology, either from the Nano Quest robot missions or from another source. Learn what scientists are facing in improving upon the existing application or making the potential application a reality. Design an improvement for the existing nanotechnology, or choose a potential application that faces a challenge and solve it."

Holy Crap! That's asking alot of a bunch of 10 and 11 year olds! But I know she has been working like a fiend these past few weeks on their paper. And I think she has the main job of presenting their findings.
All the teachers that are supervising the team has told me this is a must attend event-a lot of excitement, hoopla and fun. So, hey- I gotta go right?


Blogger BB-Idaho said...

Congratulations to the young lady!
Nanotech is hot hot hot right now
with some great potential applications (er, so my son-in-law, the scientist, tells me). You should be a proud mom and so
should her teachers, for sparking
the interest.

12/09/2006 8:20 PM  

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