Monday, May 07, 2007

St. Al of the Church of the Perpetually Indignant

"I am the Alpha and the Omega; Klaatu, barato nicto!"

At first I just compared him to everyone's favorite Chi-Com, Mao TseTung, simply because of the way he touted his version of the 'lil' red book'- An Inconvienient Truth- and the scores of rabid followers that fell into lockstep with him, advocating a cultural revolution of sorts.
Now they've upped the ante. And I must respond in kind.

Al Gore is now Christ.

At least to the members of the "church". Which includes the congregations of the Church of the Perpetually Indignant, the 1st Assembly of Chicken Littles, Our Lady of the Screaming Burning Tormented Earth, the First Church of the Unquestioning Four Square Beacon of "Truthiness" (Tin Foil assembly), the Southern Church of the One Eyed Blind and a few obscure Gaia cults to be named later.

I mean, c'mon! "Carbon Offsets"?
Gee...sure sounds like Indulgences to me.
And now I read of Gore's little book o' crap science being placed in alledged "green" hotels in lieu of the Gideons' bible.
To say nothing about the blind rage anyone encounters who dare question any of this "new" religion. (can you say Spanish Inquistion?)
And, like Christ, Hisself, Algore is above reproach. Clean as the driven snow. But unlike Jesus, he has a do as I say, not do as I do attitude.
At least J.C. walked the walk and talked the talk.
Yep, Albaby is now the Son and the U.N. the Holy Father. And they are both infused with the Holy Spirit of 'scarethecrapoutofyouness'
The whole movement is so closely modelled on the corrupt Catholic church of days of yore, one can't help but notice.

These guys piss me off to the point of incomprehensible raging. I'm old enough to have seen this movie once before in the 70's. And it's all happening again. Nothing new under the sun. I was wondering though when they'd get to the part about humans being bad for the earth...that part was a real major tenent of the faith 30 years ago. Does the title "The Population Bomb" ring any bells?
Just this week I've seen several articles claiming we should all just curl up and die for the sake of the earth.
To the authors of those articles: You first.

We need a modern day Martin Luther. Someone who is brave enough to march right up to St. Al and nail our grievances right smack dab to his blocky,thick forehead.
Many have tried, but they're getting nowhere.
We really need an ultimate "the emperor has no clothes" moment to squealch these clowns.


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