Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Marines Banned From Filming Recruitment Ad on SanFran Streets

"They're the strong and the proud, but the Marines aren't free to stand on the streets of San Francisco.

The Silent Drill Platoon of the U.S. Marine Corps wasn't allowed to be filmed Sept. 11 on California Street in San Francisco for a segment of its new advertising campaign, a Marine spokesman told

Instead, the elite group took its austere display to the Golden Gate National Recreation Area for the final segment of its "America's Marines" TV commercial. The group is on a two-month nationwide tour as part of the campaign...

The platoon is documenting its journey on the Web site and plans to film portions of the commercial in Sligo, Ky., on Oct. 6, in the Grand Canyon and at Hoover Dam on Oct. 22 and in the Rocky Mountains on Oct. 30, according to the group's online schedule. The public is invited to attend."


As much as that irks me, it's probably just as well the city nixed their request, otherwise the jarheads' film crew would have to contend with something/someone like this trying to get into frame and hopping about madly in the background, shrieking obscenities in 4 different languages...

That makes for a long day, believe me.


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