Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Postcards from the Edge..."Jihad" Postcards Sent to FL. High Schools

A curious warning, a twisted joke or just a red herring?

A series of postcards were sent to numerous high schools in the Ocala, FL. area recently. All have the same crudely drawn graphic on them
of an exploding house (schoolhouse?) and the words "Jihad-BOOM".
(A couple of the cards have the letters h and a in the word 'jihad' switched. An indication of haste in writing, especially when one is not fluent in English?)

Just to my untrained eyes they appear to be written and drawn by the same person.
The exploding house looks as if it could have been drawn by an 8 yr. old. (granted a very disturbed 8 yr. old, but that's the level of artistic ability.)

This on the heels of a recent series on the Glenn Beck show dealing with the subject of a possible terrorist attack on our nations schools that would make the Beslan tragedy look like small taters.

Also notable were the numbers 10-10 on all the cards.
October 10th?
That would be a helluva October Surprize.

Pics of the postcards here. Follow the links on the page for the related story about school attacks.

Why has Florida become the latest hotbed for peculiar activity by radical Muslims and their wannabe's as of late?

Jeez, you'd think it was Minnesota or something!

I jest, but I take this whole school attack thing VERY seriously. It can't be ruled out. Any parent that has any contact with their child's school knows how wussy the security is there!
And that any yellow, marked school bus with passengers pretty much has carte' blanche to go anywhere.
A stunt like that and our normal and expected reaction to it- mass reactionary mosque burning and general mayhem against anyone who even looked "middle eastern"- would justify the long awaited wholesale slaughter of the infidels they so desperately want. Think Charlie Manson and his Helter Skelter theory. Same damn thing.
I don't want to give them the satisfaction of that, personally.

HSNTA has all the stories and linkys

Unless, of course, you're too absorbed in the whole OJ thing or the Tasering as Performance Art episode. In which case, have another Unisom.


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