Monday, September 17, 2007

Whether Left or Right- Weaselry is Weaselry

On the ABC Blotter blog this morning they are reporting that an "independent journalist" with conservative leanings has been faking interviews with notible persons for years! (Clinton, Greenspan, Powell...y'know, all the heavy hitters.)

Oy Vey!

The list of biggies he alledgedly interviewed is growing by leaps and bounds, according to the Blotter as all of Debat's past submissions are going under the microscope...gee, shouldn't they had done that BEFORE??!
And lots of "the dog ate my homework" buck passing excuses are in play.
Jayson Blair to the white courtesy phone, please!

A poster on the blog echoes my feelings precisely:

"Come on.
Left-wing conspiracy?
Right-wing conspiracy?
A liar is a liar. A fake is a fake.
The real crime is that people get away with this stuff all the time -- on blogs, in newspapers (if the New York Times, major networks and the White House can be duped as easily as they have been in the recent past -- and with all their resources -- who can't?)
There's no trail here.
There's no there there.
It's just another sign of a population, an information system and media that's too busy, lazy or distracted to care or check their facts."
Posted by: JE | Sep 14, 2007

Exactly! But none will even ponder that. It'll be just more fodder for the whole VRWC crowd.
Hey, thanks alot, Debat. You stupid Ricardo Cabeza!


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