Friday, November 23, 2007

"Americans are our protectors and saviors"

An interesting account of how Al Qaeda was ran out of Amariyah.

HT: Hot Air

I wouldn't bust out the champagne and do the happy dance just yet over the MSM suddenly and without warning running stories about how the Surge is actually working. My cynical take on it is that they are just setting things up so that the Dims can start screaming for our troops to start coming home by THIS Christmas.

I mean when the NYT starts running positive articles, you gotta just wonder what's up. And congress will wag those articles around to make their point that we should start accelerating and changing the timetable.
I really wished it was because they've finally realized 'by golly, we could actually win this', but I'm thinking there's some agenda afoot.
Yes, we are winning...but our job ain't done yet. It's just begun.
After all, how long did it take to get Japan's mind right? Germany's?

But stories like those above do give one hope.


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