Friday, November 23, 2007

Damn! I look good in IE7!

Recently some friggin' update and/or patch for IE7 was automatically downloaded and installed on my 'puter here. I'm flyin' solo tonite, the eldest gone to a church youth convention for the weekend and the youngest off at a friends for an overnite, so I'm bored. I thought I'd monkey around with the new IE and see what's so bitchen. I've been an exclusive Firefox user for over 4 years now and been quite happy with it.(and I've kept up with the updates regularly.)

Holy shit...this is nice. For Microsoft, anyway.
Took a little getting used to again, after so long not using it, but it would appear they have taken what folks like about Firefox and incorporated those features into IE.

One thing I'm struck by is how pages appear...and how dang fast they come up. (that's all relative, I'm still on a landline, but still, for uncached pages, they all popped right up quicker than Forefox.) And as for my humble! It's night and day as far as layout. Hell, I hate to admit it, but it looks far better. I just figured all browsers read the code pretty much the same, but there would always be a bias towards IE, but who knew that bias would be so obvious in how a webpage is viewed?

Kinda like the T-shirt and jeans type of gal who has to get all dressed up for some rare occasion. Even she is amazed at how good she can look. Same feeling.
So I've been cruising about looking at all my other usual haunts and how they look. And, darlings, you all rook mahhhh-velous! (an old Billy Crystal reference there.)
My only quibble, and it is ever so teensy weensy, is that the font in IE looks just a dab blurry. Not illegible, just has a softer edge to it. In Firefox the text is very crisp and clear. Don't know why this would be. I R un-geeky as far as that goes. But I imagine it has something with how the code is read by the browser. I dunno. All I know is that this is almost got me re-thinking my browser of choice.
I'm still dogged by the normal IE security paranoia, though, so I'm not quite yet ready to bail on my ol' pal Firefox.


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