Monday, November 26, 2007

A Good Question That Won't Make the Cut

Bryan over at Hot Air has submitted their video question to the CNN Republican debate for this Wednesday night.

It's one of the better questions you won't see that night.
How can I be so sure it won't get in? Jeez, feel free to pick any of the reasons:

A) It only requires only a Yes or No answer. Unfortunately, No politician can do that, no matter which party they are from.

B) It doesn't have a rambling, nonsensical 3 minute preamble stating the askers convoluted worldview and then desperately tries to tie the question into that- a question that really has no answer and was just contrived to make the answerer look even more stupider than the asker.

C) He is not dressed as a snowman, caribou, or a dollar bill. Nor does he tap dance.

D) He is not juggling cats as he asks the question.

E) The question was not sung in a style similar to Gilbert & Sullivan.

F) It's a legitimate, important question from a conservative viewpoint.

G) It's CNN, for crying out loud!!! They want this to a freak-show of the highest order. The goal is not to inform, but to humiliate.

H) All of the above.

Feel free to add any other reasons.


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