Wednesday, November 14, 2007

How Could She Not Know Who Attacked Her?

The POS's were arraigned yesterday in Barry county. There are still questions as to who what and when. Due to that, the 2 pled not guilty, even though both had 'fessed up to the law. And of course, both are gonna need court appointed attorneys. (Jeez, I wonder who's gonna pull that short straw?)

But there's a part of their story that bugs me. Maybe it's no big deal, but to me anyway, it's weird. Sheriff Epperly explains (quoted from the KY3 News site):

“As to why they actually killed her, it’s because the little girl looked up to him and seen him there supposedly in the moon light as they was taking her out of the camper. And I guess at that point he knew that she would tell and it would be over from that point. And that's sad,” said Epperly.

Was Rowan blindfolded for the entire duration of her abduction and attack? This reason as to why they killed her is feeble at best and supposedly comes from the word of the perps themselves. How could she not know who her attackers were, blindfolded or not? She knew Collings, allegedly he was a regular over at her house and Spears was a fixture in her home for over 3 years. Was this entire disgusting episode conducted in complete silence? Or had someone rendered her unconscious for the whole ordeal only to have her come to as they dragged her out of the camper trailer, half naked and bleeding?

I'm calling bullshit on that excuse! The moonlight part is a nice dramatic touch, too. The moon was in the 3rd quarter and would have been high in the sky in the wee hours of the night, it would cast some moonlight, but not like the illumination of a full or near full moon. As best as I can recall, there were clear nights that weekend. I'm thinking mercury vapor yard light here, rather than moonlight. Those fixtures are common in the yards of many a hillbilly 'round here. Hell, I have one up on the gable of my garage. $24.97, Walmart.
These 2 assaholics were trying to come up with any rationale that might wash with the law. The simple fact is that for one split second someones conscience kicked in after the fact and they did what all cowardly sick bastards do in that situation- they tried to destroy the evidence.
And I'm certain that this whole deal was premeditated. Badly planned and done, but premeditated, nevertheless.

Maybe it doesn't matter now. Dead is dead. The deed is done. These bastards will fry, hopefully. But it's just one of many parts of this heartbreaking tale that doesn't ring true.


Blogger Lemuel Calhoon said...

In their little pea brains they are thinking that if they killed her on the spur of the moment it isn't first degree and they don't get the needle.

11/14/2007 4:32 PM  

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