Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Most Trusted Name in News...

Had to drag Carl, the White Trash Crapweasel out for a make-over.

Well, let's see, it's been 24 hours now since CNN's cute lil' stunt. Hey, what's the tally's up too now, Carl?

The Official "Undecided Concerned Voter" Body Count (bontanus horticultus bullshiti)

1. Gay Military Retiree Brig. Gen. Keith H. Kerr/ Hillary-Kerry supporter and anti-”Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” activist Keith H. Kerr (I'm not even gonna bother linking anything, we all know that cat's m.o.-it's everywhere)

2. Mom LeeAnn Anderson / Activist for the John Edwards-endorsing United Steelworkers union LeeAnn Anderson

3. Log Cabin Republican supporter David Cercone / Obama supporter David Cercone

4. Young Undecided Person “Journey” / John Edwards supporter “Journey”

5. Young Undecided Burqua'd Weird Chick from Alabama, Yasmin / Former CAIR intern
(big DUH! there.) And CAIR's darn proud of her

6. Young Undecided Texas Loser living in his parent's basement asking that dumbass question about the Stars n Bars/ Ron Paul supporter, "Brookes" (okay, technically one could say that he was a Republican questioner and not a Dim plant, but honestly folks, we all know what's going on with Ronpaulio running as a Republican, right? OK. Note to "Brookes": dude, you shoulda left that V is for Venetta mask out of the frame-that was the giveaway.)

7."Life-Long NRA Member" Jay Fox/ Half of a filmmaking brother team. They like to mock the Minutemen and other border related stuff apparently. (knew he was bogus!)

8. Young Undecided Creepy Bible Dude/ "Calciumboy", Ron Paul supporter, raving Twoofer

9. Young Undecided Girl from California, Emily who asked about which 3 Government agencies they would cut / another Ron Paulite

10. Young Undecided Guy who asked about a Federal Abortion Ban/ "Lordajay", Brownback supporter Guess he didn't get the memo. Maybe he really is undecided now!

11.Undecided Voter who asked about written exams for gun ownership/ "Kipload", hard core Ron Paul supporter

12. Undecided Young Corn Eater/ Ted Faturos, former intern for congresswoman Jane Harman. He is so distraught at being called a "plant" he's done started a blog!! ("Leave Teddy Alone! I mean it!!")

Well, that's all we got so far. I will admit that there are a lot of the questioners that are in a gray area...some would include the Ronpaulios in that group, but there did seem to be a disproportional amount of them compare to the possible 2 just plain vanilla conservatives that made the cut. It's all very odd.
If you want to do some sluething, here's where you can start- YouTube has all the questioners profiles accessible from one page.

Multi-HT's To: Free Republic, The Lovely Michelle


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