Thursday, November 29, 2007

Free Republic- Doing the Jobs CNN Won't Do

Ok, so everyone knows by now that the highly touted CNN Republican Debate was a horticultural extravaganza, loaded down with plants of all stripes and varieties.

And we're surprized because...???

This was just S.O.P. for CNN.

I was monitoring the Free Republic live thread for the debate last night, they usually have the best threads for something like this and they can be quite entertaining and sometimes you are witness to news before it hits the wires. Last night was one of those times.

When the queer general disrupted the debate with his public hissy, the posters at Freep immediately called bullsh*t on it. There's a few radom remarks, a few jokes and then
the fun begins here, with the comment from AmericaninTokyo (post #1,596):

BARF!! This is SOOOOO RIGGED. You can tell they planted this and let in gays to cheer the Fag General on. Thanks CNN. I knew they would pull this crap.
Timestamp on that post 6:50, pst. That would have been 8:50, my time. Just minutes after the general appears. (heck, it may have been while he even still hissifying!)

The speculation goes on for about 2 pages, and then only 7 minutes later after AmericaninTokyo's post, tiredoflaundry produces a link, FROM CNN's OWN SITE (!!) proving that the general had been on CNN as part of a panel discussing the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy.
That page here, Post # 1,724.
But most commenters are distracted and goofing on the mission to Mars question at that point (Best post on that subject: 'Send gay generals to Mars!') But it doesn't take long for the intel to sink in and then they are on it like flies on crap.

The debate wasn't even over and the Freepers had 'em BUSTED COLD!

Of course, now it's on, as the Freepers begin to do searches and question just about every You Tube submission that night, find more dirt on the general (thank goodness he wasn't a Rear Admiral!!!) and, yes, no surprizes there...just about everyone was either a dem, a lib, an anarchist, union members or worse... Ronpaulio supporters.

Personally, I think there might have been 2 that were real live conservatives, all the others were pretty obvious. When libs try to imitate conservative, normal everyday folk they just can't get it quite right and we can sense it, they just give themselves away toooo easily. I even question that guy who showboated with his rifle-dime to doughnuts he ain't a "lifetime member" of the NRA-and I did like how Hunter chided him about handling his firearm!! I think the Dunc was smelling BS there, too. Score one for the Dunc.

Oh, and speaking of firearms-Thompson gave the best answer to the seemingly "innocent" question about which candidate owned any firearms and what type:
"I have a couple of guns, but I’m not going to tell you which ones and where they are."
THAT, my friends, was the correct answer!! (None of your friggin' business, you wormy little twerp!) I gave him a standing o on that one!

The Lovely Michelle must have been lulled into some sort of stupor from it all, on her liveblog last night she concluded:
"Expectations were so low of CNN, it wasn’t hard to exceed them. The questions were almost all coherent and well-framed. And no obvious “plants” that I could detect."
Her BS Meter must have had a dead battery. But oh my! Betcha that Inbox of hers is jammed full today with notes from all those armchair horticulturalists!!!

She does give credit to all the Freepers for busting CNN first on this circus, though.

I know that CNN had twice as many vids to wade through this time around (at least that's what they told us, anyway.) but you would think that once the field was narrowed down, somebody would run a quick check on these folks, that is IF they were actually trying to be fair. Oh hell! What am I saying?!
CNN knew full well what they were doing. The lack of vetting proves it!

All it took was a few humble private citizens with internet connections to figure that out.

It's call Google, CNN, y'all oughta look into it. It's on this thing called the internet, which you can access if you have a personal computer from anywhere in the world!!

I think Algore invented it...

Morning update: Scott Ott of Scrappleface NAILS IT! Too funny!! We're on the same wavelength.


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