Monday, December 03, 2007

Hugo Smells Sulphur, Promises to Keep Running That Play 'Til He Gets It Right

To quote a commenter over on Hot Air: "It ain't over 'til the fat man bleeds!"

The Venezuela referendum vote was a squeaker and the final results dragged into the wee hours, but when it was all said and done common sense barely prevailed in that country.

Chubby Psycho-boy finally gave a rambling concession speech, promising that "we" won't give up on the push to make the country's constitution null and void. Just that this wasn't the time yet-that the people weren't ready for the bold and progressive idea. But "they" would keep trying.
A commenter at Free Republic, "Tears of a Clown" was translating Hugo's speech in real time on one of their election threads and posted his words:
"We were so closing to winning, so close.
All the lies that were circulating, the fears, despite all that we got 49.7, this is still a great political leap.
We will repeat this request, in a better age when these ideas are accepted..."

So-It wasn't a defeat...just bad timing, according to El Gordo. He still has 'til 2012, I believe, to totally screw up his country beyond all recognition. Plenty of time yet to completely beat the citizenry into submission...and you know that he will! Just gotta get their minds right, y'know. (I haven't seen that quote mentioned anywhere yet in the coverage of the election.)

Chavez doesn't give up THAT easily. Dawn will bring some anxious weirdness to Caracas I'm betting. Look for some sort of "national emergency" in the near future.
We can only hope that this election may emboldened the people of Venuezula and they take back their country in short order.

If the brain syphilis doesn't do him in any time soon, nothing would please me more than to see some locals re-enact the infamous Mussolini Pinata scene in the coming months. Ahhh, well, we can dream, can't we?

One more thing- just how loyal is the military there to Chavez?
Just askin'...


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