Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Death, Destruction, Mayhem Sweeps the South, Midwest

Today citizens of the Southern mid-west states climbed out of the debris at dawn's light, dazed and bewildered from the onslaught that began at approximately 7 p.m., central time. The massive freak cold front slammed into the Midwest and onward to the Mason-Dixon line with a ruthlessness rarely seen in these parts and most terrifying of all it came without warning for some citizens.

There are reports of many deaths, upteen injuries, and the damage done to the region is breathtaking and shocking.

"I had just come home from voting," says Ira Evinrude of Door Knob, MO. " and had settled in to watch the national returns on the T.V. and then- BOOM! no warning at all, the whole damn house fell in on me. I felt like my world had come to an end. I don't know what all I'm gonna do now. All I got left is this here turkey sammich I was eating when the storm broke." Mr. Evinrude was pulled from the wreckage of his home by a neighbor, who also assisted in saving Evinrude's wife, Charlotte, who had hunkered next to the Frigidaire when the roof gave way.

Mona Quizenberry of Percy, TN. reports that the onslaught sounded like a freight train full of Mexicans, "just a-screaming and a-yelling and raising all kinds of McCain. I ain't never heard anything like it! It was terrifying!" She escaped from the mayhem with her elderly mother-in-law and their plucky 3 legged Boston Terrier, Jeff, who came out of the fray with only a small cut over an eye.

Numerous accounts from all over the area are reporting a similar sound to the storm as it swept through the region. Some have stated that it sounded more like a jumbo jet full of Mexicans, or a platoon of semi-trucks full of Mexicans, roaring through town. The freight train comparison was the most frequent one cited, however.

The entire region suffered wave after wave of assaults into the wee hours. The long term devastation is immeasurable at this point, experts say. "We'll be assessing the damage for weeks, probably months to come," says Ronald Hickoff, a local disaster preparedness official and VFD fire chief for Notting Bluff, TN., "I don't see how we will ever recover from this. We got folks just stumbling about in a daze right now. They just don't know what hit 'em."

Meteorologists are pointing to a freak occurrence of weather fronts converging over the nation that caused last night's relentless destruction. An unusually frigid cold front from the southwest barreled across the Midwest, fueled by a peculiar massive influx of hot air from the east coast region, setting off wave after wave of freak storms that pummeled the country all night long. This phenomenon is so unusual that meteorologists don't even have a name for it.

According to Bob Neverly of the Missouri office of the NWS, "This is unheard of. I cannot recall ever a time when a cold front ever blew in from the southwest with such blatant arrogance and strength with a total disregard for for anything in it's path. Add to that the unbelievable amount of hot air from the east coast that was feeding this thing, it's a wonder anything is left standing. This was a storm of remarkable magnitude and great destructive potential-like a herd of rampaging rhinoceroses trampling across the the African veldt- nothing was safe. We'll be months analyzing the data from this and won't know for sure the long term effects until at least November."

"It's enough to make you cuss like a senator.", added Neverly.


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