Monday, March 24, 2008

New Photos of Old Stores

(This is cross-posted at the "other" blog, which documents my latest boondoggle, uh, I mean- project! This is in part why posting over here has been infrequent.)

Part of the decor in the refurbished store will be nicely framed photos of some of the old general stores still standing in the area. I've been taking our digital camera along when ever we have to go anywhere, since a lot of these places are on the usual routes to and from town. I use the sepia/black & white setting on the camera. Here's what I have so far:
The Sycamore store, Hwy 181, Sycamore Mo. (near Dora)

The Brixey store, Hwy N, Brixey Mo.

Probably the most lovely and yet most ramshackled store in the area, The Birdtown store. Hard to find, since it is on a gravel county road and not a highway. Birdtown, like Souder is now just a few houses scattered about and this beautiful old 2 storey building laying forgotten. Birdtown is in the area of Dora, Mo.


Blogger Walker said...

Love those old stores!! Who is doing the renovation?

3/27/2008 8:36 AM  
Blogger white trash republican said...

Thanks, Walker. I just love how the Birdtown pic came out. I took that on Easter afternoon and it was bright and sunny, but it looks all misty and mysterious up around the treetops. Kinda has a haunted house feel to it, but in a cool way.

As for the work- just me, my younguns and a couple of local guys I hired to do the sheetrock, general carpentry and electric. They're reframing a large window that has massive water damage as I type this now.
Oh well, have to expect surprizes like that, the place is over 100 years old!

3/27/2008 9:00 AM  

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