Monday, February 20, 2006

Captain Queeg, Pick Up on Line 8

This Lynn bozo on "24" just keeps getting better and better. First, he pops in, wound 40 times too tight and we all think he's just comic relief. Then he starts trying to throw his weight around CTU. (Think substitute teacher the way everyone else is treating him.) Then he gets mugged by his druggy sister and her pimpy weasel boyfriend-natch they take his security key card. (which begs the question: How the hell did he even get a security clearance in the first place with THAT in his family?) So now he's sweating about the security card AND Jack and his peeps in CTU are working behind his back, along with all the other Major Endoftheworld Crap going on and it's becoming obvious that this clown is having the worst day of his life and we're getting to see him crumble bit by bit! He's trying so hard to keep it together and it just ain't working...the guys gonna snap big time!

The previews went by so fast (as always) but I swear those few nanoseconds of him ungluing completely were straight out of The Caine Mutiny! His breakdown will be rather delicious to witness. Ahhh, screw the nerve gas...I just wanna see Hobbitboy go down in flames!

May I suggest that the drink of choice next week for us fans should be Strawberry Margaritas.


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