Thursday, May 18, 2006

Comment about The Old House

"I know everyone and his dog is hoppin' mad at Dub right now, but he's inheirited the problem and honestly, it's gone on neglected for too long that it very well is too overwhelming and drastic action is needed to fix it. Like having a beautiful old Victorian style house but realizing it's too damn old and falling apart to save. It breaks your heart to have to tear it down, but it's for the best. It would be far more economical to rebuild than to pour money into a rathole.
But I'm fearing Dub is getting too sentimental about the old house and won't do what he has to do."

The above comment, in part, was the inspiration for the story. That remark I had made to Gayle simmered and stewed in my noggin until finally the other day it spilled out in the form of a cautionary tale. It was as if I was on autopilot. I just banged that puppy right out-non-stop with minimal corrections. One of those moments I wished I'd have more often.

Is it about the Republican Party in general? Not really. But now that that has been brought up, sure. Maybe. That wasn't my original intent, however. I was, like many of us, frustrated by this latest uproar about illegal immigration, trying to put my fear and concerns down in an entertaining way rather than revert to the near moonbat-like invective and epitphet filled rants I've been reading on some blogs and sites. That is their right to voice their opinions, to vent, to steam. I don't blame them. I can understand their anger, their outrage, the sense of betrayal. But that ain't my style. Some of what I've been reading just pains me to the core- why just a few months ago some of these folks were openly mocking the moonbats and now they are almost word for word sounding just like the very thing they held in such distain.
So I opted for a rambling tale of good intentions gone wrong.

Believe me...I really, really don't want the ending to be true! Wish I could have come up with a different one, but human nature being what it is, that was the only ending I could forsee. Whether in private life or politics we all have seen and more than likely even done ourselves stupid things with good intentions. At the time we had very good reasons to do so...or at least they seemed like a good reason at the time. But nevertheless, it turned out badly.
After the President's speech the other night I was in a rather cynical mood.

See, I have a strong affection for Dub. Much akin to that the moonbats and Libs had for their Hillbilly Godfather- Bubba the 1st, The Wonderboy of Arkansas. So much so that I often slip into more familiar terms in referring to him, using that nickname rather than the office he holds. It's not disrespect, but a term of me he was family. Just as I never call my uncle Harold by that title...he's just "Gills" or uncle Gills- a family nickname he's had forever.
And like a dear friend or family member who "appears" to be doing foolish things, I've been confused by what's going on lately. We've all had something like this in our own lives- a good close friend who is getting in too deep in a bad situation that can only lead to bad things and blinded either by love or addiction they cannot, will not listen to the ones that love them and only want the best for them. But do we as friends abandon them? No. We might take action, if the problem is too bad and get 'em into rehab or just hang back for a bit and see if they come to their senses. We don't hate them, but the sense of betrayal and confusion runs deep for a time. Maybe that's my problem...I saw Dub as part of our family rather than a politician in our party.
Must be a chick thing. We often go with emotion and intution rather than solid manly logic. (and that is also why the Dems have been so good at getting the female vote, imo)
Like my Ma always said: "Hate the sin, but love the sinner."

So Am I advocating a Third Party?
No. I got enough miles on me to recall how that has gone over in the past! But that always seems to be the immediate reaction our party takes when things ain't going so hot.To me that is playing right into the oppositions hands. They are masters at the divide and conquer thing. No doubt they are tickled pink at how we all are ripping each other to shreds over this issue...that's just what they want.

Will I vote Dem?
Oh, Good God! Are you smoking crack? I'd sacrifice my firstborn to a moongod before I would even consider that. Matter of fact, it's not EVEN a consideration. Besides, those bastards STILL owe me 50 bucks from '76! (long story, post fodder for another time.)

Is it time for me to dust off the tinfoil hat and slap it on?
Hmmmmm, perhaps. See, my mind just can't get around as to just what in the hell is going on here.
On the surface, it looks as if the ol' boy has completely lost his mind. But there's a small voice inside me that keeps mummering that there is more going on here than you know or what is apparent. That this will all indeed shake out for the best and we are not to be privy to the details, lest it ruin the whole scheme of things. Crazy like a fox, as the saying goes. I just hope the 'fox' in question isn't Vincente!
I have to have faith that God alone has the final say so as to the course this country will take. And there's so much behind the scenes crap that we can never comprehend.

Y'know, upon further thought, there IS another possible ending. As I said to Kathy in the comments about that story, I drew some of that from real life, right here in our area. In town, on a hill was a beautiful, historic old home-big, fat and lavish. Originally it had been the home to a notable family in town, but had ended up out of the familys control years ago. A local had bought the property and then spent, geez, 10 or more years and who knows how much dough giving the impression he was restoring it. All the while it just got worse and worse, squatting like an ugly toad on that hill. The city finally had to take action and condemn it. The details are now fuzzy in my head, but somehow descendants of the original family took control and went full bore into doing the restoration the right way...but then again, they had alot of money to throw into the project. After about a year or so the place was absolutely gorgeous, fully restored to its original beauty-it is now a fancy ass restaurant. And doing quite well, I understand. (The pic used at the start of this post is how the house looked before the family took charge.)
So, draw on that what you will.

And, in the words of Mr. Gump, That's all I got to say about that.


Blogger Kathy said...

I recognize that back! I'm going to be sleeping next to it in about 30 minutes, ha.

5/18/2006 10:03 PM  
Blogger white trash republican said...

I certainly hope you don't mean the gent in the plaid! : )

Now that you've mentioned it...I do recognize the redshirt as your one and only! Huh! Even in cyberspace, it's still a small town. Kooky, eh?

5/18/2006 10:17 PM  
Blogger Cookie..... said...

Good read Liz. I detected the sadness in yur prose...and I was sad while readin it.

Lately I been angry with two GW...and the other myself fer feelin the way I do about him and his actions (or inactions).

The writin helps me vent I suspect it does fer yurself also....

I truly wish someone would come up with a realistic/amiable solution to this entire illegal immigrant/border mess so I don't have to continue with my rants....

5/18/2006 10:47 PM  
Blogger white trash republican said...

Ahhh, Cookie,
At the risk of sounding like a touchy-feely Lib, I think what we all need now is a big group hug. Everyone has had a few days to vent and now the reality of what all that ranting is doing is settling in. Today I saw on alot of blogs just what I had said...that we are becoming 'them', and what we all need to do is find some sort of common ground and get busy and pull ourselves back together.
We can't let them make hay out of our dissention in the ranks!
Like I said, Divide and Conquer...that's how they operate.
You're pissed, I'm pissed et al. but ok, we're here...can't change the past, let's get busy with working with what we got and make the best of it.

5/18/2006 11:10 PM  
Blogger Patrick Joubert Conlon said...

Well said, Liz, and Cookie, life's too short to get your tits in a tangle, as my mother used to say.

5/19/2006 1:52 AM  
Blogger Jimbo said...

I think the story should have been a cautionary tale of what happens when you stop making excuses for a person that purports to be your friend, but you finally have to come to the unavoidable realization that you are just being used and finally admitting that all of those years of "friendship" were just a lie.
Sometimes the person that needs to wake up is you and not your "friend" who all along knew what they were doing.

That's how I see things rather than an admonishment of throwing the baby out with the bathwater as far as "W" is concerned.

Otherwise, nice blog you have here. Today is my first visit.

Oops! I unexpectedly have to run now. The only Tom Cruise movie I ever liked (could even stand) is on the SciFi channel right now.
Vanilla Sky.
I think the Spanish film that it was based upon is really good too (Open Your Eyes), but both are just as good in their own right. Just different.

See ya all later!

5/21/2006 11:09 PM  

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