Monday, May 15, 2006

"24" : Stand by Your Man

The teasers before tonite's show promised "the biggest surprize, yet!"
Uh...what was it? Hell, I watched it and I'm still trying to figure it out.

Oh! You mean the sub thing?

Y'know, the part where the bad guys took over a Naval submarine that was SURPRIZINGLY docked at a civilian dock? Was that it?
There really could be about 3 surprizes in this episode, maybe more. Chloe not dupping a copy of the evidence would be one, the sub being docked in a completely non-military and unsecured area would be another. Nevermind that it was gassed and the baddies took control, that in of itself is no surprize.

And then there was that thing with Martha and Aaron.
There's been tension between these 2 since Aaron, the loyal and noble lug of a Secret Service guy saved Martha in the limo attack about, what? 10 episodes or more ago. OK, so she's a simpering mess most times and Aaron's the Rock of Gibraltar...but there's something going on there. Miz Martha is blinded by being in the presence of a REAL man, and is diggin' it. 25 years married to an overgrown Slinky will leave you starved for some decisive, take charge no b/s kinda action. She hates the fact that she's married to Lucifer in a suit and right now all she can think about is running off with her knight and starting anew somewhere-far away from all this darkness and loathing-maybe Key West...or Branson.

Aaron did his job and saved the First Lady and now, finally Martha can repay the favor. And that, hands down was my favorite scene tonite!
Martha capping the lackey goon of a Secret Service man who had been dispatched by Pres. Loopner to off Aaron!
OK, so she did the panicked "oh my God! I have a gun in my hand!" shakey bit, it always annoys me when they do that with women and firearms, but still it was a great moment. I, for one, stood and cheered.
And I also hope that those 2 run off together when this is all over and open up a Git n Go station just outside of Branson. They'd be perfect...and so happy. I mean, c'mon...just look at Aaron-bib overalls just scream out for him! Bet he's handy with mechanics too. And looney dames in these parts just goes with the territory. Martha'd be just fine.


Blogger Lemuel Calhoon said...

Mary Todd Weasel will survive and play a part in next years 24.

5/16/2006 7:46 PM  

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