Thursday, May 04, 2006

Fish Farm Pics

Blogger has sobered up and is allowing us to post pics again. So here's some snaps from my younguns field trip yesterday.
(I apologize for the goofy layout, between my ig'nerce and Blogger's unbending will, it's a wonder they show up at all!)

The 6th grade class hits the beach and gets busy landing some 'whoppers".

" Hey! Don't look at me and the camera, youngun-Pay attention to the bite you just got!!"

In less than 20 minutes one stringer was gettin' full!

This one here was the one mine caught!

One of the many springs on the grounds, this one is under the old mill.

A nice shot of the mill pond falls.

A post lunch photo op on the steps of the restaurant.

My youngun goes scurrying off to check out the springs under the mill.

Checking out all the baby fishies. They have hundreds of thousands of baby trout swimming about those tanks.


Blogger Cookie..... said...

Looks like a really nice family place to spend the better part of a day...good pix sis...and that where a real dandy trout yur youngin caught...havin it fer dinner are y'all?

5/04/2006 6:13 PM  
Blogger white trash republican said...

Thanks, Cookie
Sis just about had a fit when I said that would be good eatin'. She loves to go fishin', but then gets to feeling bad for the fish! She's strictly a catch n release kinda kid.

Yep, this place is on the offishul White Trash nickle tour whenever we have out of state guests. And now that they've made the mill into a bar, it's even more worth the visit! But for the most part it's family owned and family friendly.

5/05/2006 12:06 AM  

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