Thursday, May 04, 2006

A Heck of a Deal!

Alright, so for alot of us po' white trash the cost of fuel and the subsequent increase in the cost of EVERYTHING is gonna cause alot of us to find ways to cut costs where-ever we can. Ideally, this would involve NOT to go running off in search of the government teat. May I suggest this outfit?

Angel Food Ministries provides, once a month, a hefty load of quality groceries (no dented cans, almost expired goods and that kind of crap!) for only 25 bucks! Actual value may vary between 40 to 70 bucks worth of food. You get name brands and oft times, even STEAKS! Check out what you could get this month.

I have got boxes from them in the past when times were tight and I'm very happy with the amount and quality of goods you get. The program is open to anyone, no income requirements and other dumbo type hoops to jump through or financial rectal exams unlike all government agencies. Just contact your local participating church and place an order, pay in advance and on the scheduled day go over and get your groceries.
They seem to favor the rural areas and they're not in every state, yet-just about though.
Check to see if there is a participating church in your area HERE!
You can also purchase additional goods at a very reasonable cost. (extra steaks and other frozen goods like that).

This is one outfit I can heartily endorse and am happy to pass the info along.


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