Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Cresent, Bowl, Scimitar...whatever

Ahhhh, don't they think they are the most clever things?! The 'new and improved' memorial plans for Flight 93 are out.

And guess what?


You know people cannot be this unspeakably dense, I can't accept that. So, that means that is has to be intentional.

LGF has the info and a link to leave comments for the Parks Dept. Clearly it didn't do any good the last time around, but hey-one can only hope.

Iowahawk left an amusing comment at LGF:
"I was really hoping the Memorial Committee would select my design, "Don't F*ck With US."

It featured a 60 foot tall animatronic eagle ripping the head off a paper mache jihadi, which it then craps into a pig sty. Choreographed to "American Badass."

I'd pay good money to see that, Iowahawk!

And there was this eloquent comment from "cash":

"A memorial.

To whom?

Would you memorialize the victims of Nazi concentration camps with a swastika?

Why then would you memorialize the victims of men who acted out of a bizarre sense of islamic religious conviction with a symbol of the islamic faith? Are you too obtuse to see the implications of your choice for this memorial?

Many others have asked this question, and most likely many of them have asked it more eloquently than I, but the question remains unanswered. Do you believe that these United States citizens, these sons and daughters of America, who died on that flight deserve a true memorial to their bravery and sacrifice? Do you believe that you are right to demean the victims by making their memorial a symbol of islam? You must know that the terrorists who killed the passengers and crew aboard flight 93, not to mention thousands others on that same day, were led to this horrific act by some deranged religious conviction.

And now you seek to memorialize this religion, the terrorists who murdered the innocent passengers and crew, and along with them the deranged convictions that drove the terrorists.


Answer that question. Stand up before your critics and answer that question.

And when you fail to answer that question, ask yourself this question:

Is is right to use an islamic symbol in this memorial?

To your rational critics, the answer to that question is clear."

Can't say it any better than that!


Blogger The Pagan Temple said...

I wasn't aware of that, that's just crazy. And who knows how that would be interpreted in the Islamic countries? Can you imagine the Palestinian Authority erecting a giant Star of David over the site of an attack by the Israeli military, to commemorate what they wou8ld consider the victims?

To those people, even the more so-called "moderate" Muslims would interpet this probably as tantamount to waving a white flag.

These people need to learn a little history. Like, when the Ottoman Turks took over Constantinople, they replaced all the crosses on public buildings with the crescent.

To these people, anything less than total annihilation of the enemy is considered weakness. And that's how this ill-advised project would be perceived.

7/12/2006 12:18 PM  
Blogger 564665 said...

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7/13/2006 8:54 AM  

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