Friday, July 07, 2006

Hometown Champs!

Ok, cue up Queen's "We Are the Champions".

Last night was the mid-girls (11-13 yr. olds) softball league tournament in our little burg. It was a long night, but when it was all over, my eldest kid's team won it!!
I'm just so proud of them. They smoked one of the most feared teams in the county, after barely squeaking by against their local rivals in the league to get to the championship game slot. Purty dang cool, considering they didn't have the advantage of getting a rest 'tween games like the other team had. They had just enough time to get a sno-cone from the concession stand and then hit the field again.

This win is a major deal for the kids here. The team they won has a long, evil reputation and just the mere mention of the town strikes fear into any local ball player under the age of 13. These girls take the game way too seriously, they play to any cost. That little town thrives on the game, every kid who lives there plays on a team. (quite frankly, there really isn't much else for them to do there!) They play dirty. And the parents and other family that go to the games encourage it too. They mock and catcall the opposing teams in a way we all never do.In short, they all are just an ugly bunch when it comes to softball. I think for our kids it didn't matter which local team won, they just wanted to somebody, anybody to clean these smartypants from the other town's clock.

My kids team did. Well, maybe it wasn't a thorough clock cleaning, but hey, 16 to 11 is a nice margin. It would have been nice if in the last inning they could have held them at 16 to 8, it would have made the victory that much more delicious, but they won fair and square and that's really all that matters.
I wish I could say my kid had the winning play or some other feat of skill, but she is but one of the team. She can't run fast, she hits just so-so but her fielding has improved immensely this season. She not one of the star players, but that doesn't matter to her (and in turn, to me) she just loves to play. Her eyes welled up with tears as she clutched her 1st place trophy and I admit, mine did too. They won as a team, because it really wasn't any one player who made it possible. Everyone did their part and played their best. These girls have wanted this for so long and last night was their night.

So, BOOOOOYAH Lady Pirates!!!!! You done Ozark County proud, girls!!


Anonymous John Climacus said...

Congratulations! It's something she'll have for the rest of her life. Also, very nice for you to have a "crowning moment" to the pre-teenage years, after which...well, you've been there. (I've been through it with two of them). I'm happy for you both.

7/07/2006 10:39 AM  
Blogger white trash republican said...

Thanks, John.
You are so right. This is a very big deal for her. As soon as we got home (at 12:30 am-yikes!) she had me write on the underside of the trophy the date, the team they beat and the score. It already has a place of honor on the bookshelf.

7/07/2006 11:03 AM  

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