Monday, July 24, 2006

Is That a Rhetorical Question?

"Amil Imani is an Iranian born American citizen and pro-democracy activist who resides in the United States of America. Imani is a poet, writer, literary translator, novelist and an essayist who has been writing and speaking out for the struggling people of his native land, Iran. He maintains a website at"

Recently an essay of his was posted at, it begins:

Dear Muslims: What Is It That You Don’t Understand?

by Amil Imani

"We, the non-Muslims—the infidels, heathens, unbelievers, apostates, enemies of Allah, najis (soiled), as you prefer to call us—would like to know what is it that you don’t understand and what is it that makes you behave so badly toward us? You blame us for your problems and believe if we embrace Islam and help establish the Islamic Ummeh the earth would be cleansed of us, transformed to paradise, and all your problems disappear? ..."

This is an excellent must read! The rest is here.

And if you're not familiar with Laura Mansfield's site do yourself a favor and check out the rest of her site after reading Mr. Imani's essay. Her series "Jihad Comes to Small Town America" should be required reading!

Mr. Imani asks alot of questions in that article...questions that will remain unanswered, I'm afraid.


Blogger Gayle said...

Thanks for the links, WTR. The more education we can get, the better!

I fear you are right regarding Mr. Imani's questions going unanswered.

7/25/2006 12:56 PM  

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