Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ice, Ice Baby

Once again our area managed by some fluke of nature and topography to dodge the ice storm bullet. Once again the 'freeze line' was only a mere 20 miles to the north of us.
All we've got the past 2 days has been lots of cold, almost freezing rain. Which is icky enough and makes one just want to pull the covers up and stay in bed.

But I feel for my neighbors to the north, they all are getting hit again with a thick layer of ice, wreaking havoc on the infrastructure that had barely recovered from the last major ice storm only 11 months ago.

Hmm, 2 big ice storms in a year-the first in January this one in December...I blame Algore.

(photo credit: Bruce James. If you'd like to see more local photos of the ice storm -including some nice "ice fog" photos by a friend of mine, Lindsay- go here.)


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