Saturday, August 05, 2006

Send in the Clones

Notice anything, uh, peculiar about this pic?

Look carefully...I'll wait.

Huh uh...Yeah...I notice that, too.

Jeez Louise, if "photojournalists" are gonna enhance their pics they hustle to the news outlets, ya think they could do alittle better job at photochopping.
I'm a stone cold rookie at it and even I wouldn't save a pic so sloppily done as that.

LGF has all the details and has done all the detective work.

It should be noted that this is the same photographer who shot alot of those "atrocity" pics at Qana. Or should we say altered?

Maybe he saw "Wag the Dog" one too many times...

(Another thing that occurred to me, and I may be talking outta my butt here, so forgive me-but I was taught that white or grey (or tan) smoke indicated that organics were burning, like wood, leaves, paper trash etc. and black or blue-black smoke indicated oil based matter or synthetics were involved, like asphalt shingles or plastics. Depending on the fire, you'll see examples of all those types of smoke in succesion, as in a frame home fire. But sometimes the color will stay consistant, fires are peculiar critters, but those are the rules of thumb as I know 'em and based on personal experience. Most of the bombing pics and vids recently show white to tan smoke. If this one was kosher (which it's obviously not) then why the blue/black smoke? Was there a oil storage facility right smack dab in the middle of all that?
Yeah...I didn't think so either.)

UPDATE: Michelle, LGF, FreeRepublic and all the usuals are all over this like, well, cloning tools on a doctored photo!
Reuters has issued a "corrected" photo to their outlets. But that even further muddies the water. Is this a cleaner, more pro photochop or is this the original before tampering? The buildings still look alittle clone-y.
My what a wonderful parallel universe those folks live in! What color is their sky, you suppose?


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