Saturday, August 05, 2006

Weekend at Fidely's

(AP via Yahoo)

MEXICO CITY - The Cuban government has provided no details on Fidel Castro's health and released no pictures of the leader since it announced Monday night that he was having surgery and handing power to his brother.

Cubans were told in a statement attributed to Castro that most details of his health would be kept "a state secret" to prevent the island's enemies from taking advantage of his condition.


Further into the article:

In a piece that appeared Saturday in the Venezuelan newspaper El Nacional, columnist Fausto Maso was pessimistic about Castro's chances.

Under the headline "The Interminable Death of Fidel Castro," Maso wrote: "He will be able to live some time more, but in an operation like that at his age, up to a fourth of those who enter the operating room die and those who survive are left with their days numbered."

Yep, shades of Franco all over again.

"He's Dead, Jim!"


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