Thursday, August 24, 2006

teh Debmentia

Man, I'm glad I didn't have any money riding on this. I was just darn certain that this textbook crazy loon would try to do herself in before any charges were filed.

What I find really amusing is that it wasn't all those intolerant, hatefilled, warmongering, Rovian Mind Bending, McChimpy lackey facist rightwingnut legions of conservative bloggers that pressed charges against her and got her plopped in the slammer- it was her esteemed peers. She was unleashing her own special type of "teh crazee" on fellow academia! The oh so tolerant, loving, feeling, compassionate and understanding pony-tailed lefty types. I guess even the most lofty higher beings who are so much more intelligent and enlightened than us Neanderthals have their limits, too. Who knew?!

Well, at least she's an equal opportunity loon.

If you're interested, (and who doesn't enjoy a good trainwreck now and then?) you can follow "teh crazee trail" here and here. Both have enough links to make for a nice daytrip to the asylum.

(Note: the link under "Busted" on the DHDF site doesn't work-the page has been pulled, but one can still get the gist.)


Blogger Pamela said...

I tried to find a news item on this but it's under a rug somewhere.

Late getting on line today. I really needed to cut dead flowers and act like I was doing something in the back yard.

8/24/2006 11:24 PM  
Blogger Gayle said...

You really needed to cut dead flowers and act like you were doing something in the back yard! lol! You sound like me, except I'm not even pretending any more; it's too far to hot here!

This poor woman sounds like she has lost most of her screws. I went to your links. It sounds as though she need psychiatric help... it's some sort of weird personality disorder. Dang... it looks like there is really a limit as to what a person can get away with on the internet. Good!

8/27/2006 11:21 PM  

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