Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Mother of All Snipe Hunts!

Eason Jordan writes on his new blog that he wants to find Jamil Hussein.
(Y'know, the reliable insider source that the AP just can't seem to prove he exists and yet stands by what he reports to them?)
And get this, he has invited the Lovely Michelle to go to Iraq on his dime to do it!
This from his blog, Iraqslogger:

So the search for Jamil Hussein is on, and rightly so. IraqSlogger's team in Baghdad is working to track him down. If we find him, we'll get back to you with details. If we can't find him, we'll report that, too. If Michelle Malkin wants to join the search in Baghdad, IraqSlogger will pay for her trip, and I'd even be willing to accompany her. Stay tuned.

Michelle has accepted his offer!
Let's see if his money's where his mouth is.


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