Thursday, September 27, 2007

The 1st Supper of the 12th Imam, rough draft.

This ain't set in stone (or canvas, or digital) yet, but here's what I'm playing with so far.
I ain't happy with how Blitzer looks. Do you know how hard it is to find a decent pic of that guy? The challenge I face is trying to find headshots with just the right attitude, that is, angle and tilt to match up the orignals. He's been the worse. Doesn't help that his guy is in the shadows.
I am happy with Hillary. I think I got the perfect pic. Priceless.
Pelosi? Ehhhh. Maybe I should dump the baby. I just threw that in because of the coverage she got toting her grand younguns around on the 1st day of congress recently.

I think I may dump Katie. Sean Penn perhaps instead? I dunno.

I know the posted pic is small, so here's who I have there:
bin Laden
Brian Williams
Wolf Blitzer
'a token moonbat/muslim radical'
Zawahari (or however you spell Laden's right hand guy's name)
And of course, Ammadinnerjacket

It actually does look better sized a bit larger. I just don't know how big I can go on this blog without screwing things up!
I may make some changes. As much as I want to have Blitzer in there, I may have to replace him.


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