Friday, September 28, 2007

"Maybe she couldn't find a babysitter."

That remark was from my wisecracking youngest after we saw this local news report of a one night crime spree that has the hilljacks here just shaking their heads.

Charges Filed Against Robbery Spree Trio

Charges are filed Thursday against three women who police say took young children and a gun with them on a crime spree.

They are 21-year-old Amy Gaten of Springfield, the mother of the children, 21-year-old Emily Donner and 20-year-old Erin Lynch.

All three are charged with four counts of first-degree robbery and armed criminal action.

Four armed robberies in Springfield over a two-hour time frame Wednesday night involved three young women in their 20's.
The suspects had three small children with them when they allegedly took turns going in to four businesses with a gun, demanding money..." (rest of story)

Here's the mugshots of our Ozarks Mother of the Year candidates:

Gaten, the mother of the toddlers who were in the getaway car, is the one on the far left. Serious problems going on there I'd say. Hopefully, taking the kids away from her will be the best thing for them.
But since the trio took an hour break between robberies, perhaps to feed the toddlers and change diappies of the baby, it might be argued they weren't all that negligent afterall. I mean, c'mon, you try to be a meth addled wheelman with a bunch of squalling, stinky, hungry brats in the car! Criminy! Being a single mom is tough enough. Have mercy on her!

Oh, and total take from their "girl's nite out"...less than 500 bucks.

Gosh, it seemed like a good idea at the time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amy's the one in the middle, not tne far left.

12/29/2007 7:34 PM  

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