Tuesday, December 11, 2007

And so the spin begins... Police are now casting doubt about Assam's bravery

Ahhhhh, jeez.
Goodness sakes, we can't possibly have a young, confident and capable woman in this story, they must be thinking. That would be bad. Doesn't fit the "victim culture" mentality the media has for so long been cultivating, even if she's good looking AND single. I've highlighted the weasely passage of this AP story.

December 10, 2007 -- Col. Jeanne Assam said her hands were steady as she aimed her gun at a young man firing a high-powered rifle in the crowded foyer of the New Life Church.

And she prayed for divine guidance.

I was given the assignment to end this before it got too much worse, the volunteer security guard said yesterday, a day after police say the same man killed four people at the church and a missionary training school in a nearby city.

I just said, Holy Spirit, be with me, Assam said. My hands werent even shaking.

Police say Matthew Murray, 24, may have died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound instead of any shots fired by Assam. Its not clear if her bullets hit him.

Still, police and church leaders credited her bravery with averting a greater tragedy.

Five additional people were wounded at New Life and at the mission 65 miles away in the Denver suburb of Arvada. Police blamed Murray for both incidents.

Murray had been thrown out of Youth With a Mission, in Arvada, a few years ago and had been sending it hate mail, police said in court papers.

Youth With a Mission maintains an office at the 10,000-member church in Colorado Springs.

Police said the mission was the common denominator in both shootings.

In a statement, the mission said health problems kept Murray from finishing its program. It did not elaborate.

The program directors felt that issues with his health made it inappropriate for him to finish, it said.


Look for more of this to be spouted in the next few days. An armed citizen (who just happens to be a woman!) in a public place, taking down a whacko just isn't in the agenda. Tsk tsk. How dare she have some brass ones!..and even attribute God for giving her the nerve to do what had to be done!
And note too, the "Col." before her name in the article, that's a new twist-I have read that she had been a cop in Minnsota before moving to Colorado-so are they trying to imply that she just wasn't an average ordinary gal, just volunteering to watch the congregations back since she had experience with firearms- that she was, indeed a trained "professional", because in their world those are the only ones "allowed" guns? More tweaking of the story, I suspect.
I've even read on blogs and forums comments that go so far as to question whether or not she is even female!! Insinuations of transgenderism.

Apparently there are quite a few beta males that are really threatened by a strong, solid chick, but accuse them of being a gender bender, and that makes all their worries go away. That's disgusting.

Until I see untampered, absolute forensics proving that this pathetic lost soul did off himself, I will continue to be overwhelmingly proud of this fine example of my gender.
Hillbeast had just about made me ashamed that I have boobs and internal plumbing-this gal just redeemed all us womenfolk.


Blogger Cookie..... said...

I'll bet someone will even go as far as to say she was a "trans-sexual"...that would help certain folks to accept it better...

One of the best partners I ever had in 21 years of Police work was a woman named "Denice"... one tough, competent woman...and yet ALL woman...

12/11/2007 9:02 AM  
Blogger white trash republican said...

That's exactly what I was saying, Cookie. I had read a comment where the guy actually said he thought it looked like Assam had an Adam's Apple in the photo of her and that maybe "she" wasn't really a she.
Good Grief!

I pray that I never have to defend my kids and home with deadly force-but I would if push comes to shove.
Alot of people simply can't understand the lioness instinct that is naturally implanted in any normal female. (drugs, alcohol and other factors can mute it, but it's there nevertheless.) We can be a mighty force when those we love are threatened.
I'm glad you had a strong broad watching your back, Cookie. Shows that we all ain't a bunch of weeping victims.
: )

12/11/2007 9:23 AM  
Blogger Cookie..... said...

Just gonna share one quickie...er...a story... with ya.

We had followed a burgalry suspects footprints from the scene of the burglary right to his back door of his house (it was winter). I knew him...had arrested him 4 or 5 times before for burglary and robbery...his name was "Stretch". Nasty sumbitch that ALWAYS resited arrest.

He was in his bedroom trying to pretend he was asleep...mighta wurked if'n it wren't fer the snow that was still melting off of his boots...

When he got out of bed wearin his skivvies only...he took a fighting stance and said "I'm gonna take a cop or two with me". At that point Denise planted her right foot so hard into his crotch, I coulda sworn I saw pubic hair & testicles in his mouth fer a split second...after that...he was a real pussycat...

I don't know if'n you'll wanna post this after you peruse it...but its a good true, and in my book, great story....

12/11/2007 6:18 PM  

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