Friday, March 28, 2008

Stunned and Shocked

Ever knew anyone who murdered someone?


Our old friend Roger has screwed the pooch big time.
I've known him for quite a long time. He was a friend of my husband's and my brother-in-law. I've hung out with this guy. Been camping with him and whatever girl he was with at the time. Me and Bill have had many a beer with him-good times or bad, he was a regular at the bike rallies we used to go to-his nickname was 'Skitz'. My younguns liked Roger. He was a good guy. His only fault, that I knew of was his uncanny ability to get hammered, then lippy and consequently, get the crap beat out of him by whomever he had pissed off with his trash talk. He finally quit drinking a few years back. I thought he was on his way to getting his shit together...guess not.

I'm just in a state of disbelief.
My girls cried at the news.



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