Wednesday, April 09, 2008

My 'Babies' are Home

We've had a blessed break in the deluge of '08, the big creek has dropped down to a passable state and the younguns came home Sunday evening!
As much as I hate to admit it, 4 days without them was long enough. I think it's safe to say, judging by their reaction, the feeling was mutual.

I'm suffering from the classic parental paradox- Most times you relish the thought of being free of parental responsibility (especially now that both are rocketing into adolescence!)and yet, when your wish does come true you become a lost soul.

We had a dab of rain yesterday, which brought the creek up yet again, but nowhere to the extreme it has been. We have had several days rain-free and that helped alot to bring the level down. The bus was able to traverse it. But word is we are gonna get socked hard yet again starting tonight. We will flood once more before it's over.
Maybe it will stay out of my yard this time.

The good Lord promised us He wouldn't flood the earth ever again, but quite frankly, I'm beginning to wonder about that.


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